The Invictus Workout – Matt Damon Gets Jacked

Our buddy Brad Pilon put up a cool article on the new Invictus Workout that will SOON be taking the net by storm.

I liked the premise so much that I’m reprinting it here for you to feast your eyes on.



The Invictus Workout

Haven’t heard of it yet?

Don’t worry, you will.

Invictus is a new movie that is coming out soon that stars Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman.

So why does it get it’s own workout?

Well Matt Damon plays Francois Pienaar, the Captain of South Africa’s Rugby team in the early to mid 1990’s. And, at minute 0:57 of the trailer for Invictus, you see Matt with his shirt
off for about 1.5 seconds.

Sounds silly but this is the equation:

Male Hollywood Celebrity Appears “Jacked” in a movie = On-line Hysteria over “How he did it”.

Think the Christian Bale Batman Workout, the Gerard Butler 300 Workout, or the Hugh Jackman Wolverine workout.

It works every time, without fail. Hollywood Celeb gets jacked, someone tries to cash in.

So I’m going to Preempt everyone with this one:

I know EXACTLY how Matt Damon got in shape for this movie…It’s the exact same way Hugh Jackman got in shape, which is the exact same way Gerard Butler got in shape and the same way Christian Bale gets in shape.

They dedicated themselves to Hard work and some form of resistance training.

We should all realize by now that there IS NO SECRET.

It doesn’t matter if you are lifting giant rocks, kettle bells, dumbbells or small barnyard animals.

It’s the hard work that gets the results, not the trendy tools.

Matt, Gerard, Christian, they are no different then you or me… well, other than the lifestyle and money part.

They work hard, they stay dedicated and consistent and they get results. It’s not some secret new workout of the star that until now was kept secret

It’s hard work.

So there you go… If you want to look like a Movie Star, the secret is hard work.

The trick to it all?

Next time you are in the gym imagine there is a 10 million dollar movie role on the line.

You get in shape, you get the role.


And he’s right.

Even with the correct systems in place, if you don’t work at it, you get virtually no results.

This isn’t a walk in the park and on some days, you’ll just plain HATE it.

But them’s the ropes.

If you remember this past weeks podcast, we talked about this a bit.


Mental toughness.

Stretching your boundaries.

Escaping your comfort zone.

And you know what?

It’s WORTH it.

Just imagine how people will look at you when you get to that perfect Adonis Index.

Picture women asking you how you did it.

Listen to the men clamoring over your “secret” potion or “hidden” technique.

And then imagine grinning… because you know that even though you had an awesome workout system (ours) to keep you aimed in the right direction…

… you KNOW that the true secret to the body you now possess, the one that all of these people are hounding you about…

… didn’t come from anything you bought.

It didn’t come from magic.

No specific supplements.

No crazy workout machines.

YOU KNOW, that the true secret is:

Showing up and working out with rabbit-like intensity yet having turtle-like consistency

Each workout is a battle.

It’s you against your worst enemy…


The internal struggle of when to quit and when to push the gas. The flirting with the “edge”.

This is how it works.

This is your life.

And you’re now “that guy”.

Aren’t you? 😉

Stay cool,


p.s. Hard work is important. But so are systems.

It’s like running as fast as you can for a mile to try to get to a gas station when you’ve run out of gas in your car.

With no knowledge of which way you’re going, the results you get (finding the gas station) rely more on luck and guessing than having a true aim. After all, wouldn’t having a road map be better?

Here’s that roadmap for the body you want.

Take roadmap. Insert wily determination.

Get results. Period.

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