The Last 10 Pounds: Interview with Andrew Tullio

There is a fine line between ‘good’ shape and ‘great’ shape. And getting into great shape is what most people want to do when they set out to make a change in their body. But do you really know what it takes to get into great shape?

There is something we’ve come to call ‘shirt on big’ and ‘shirt off big’

Andrew Tullio is a perfect example of someone who was already in ‘good’ shape, and went the distance to get into ‘great’ shape.

Adonis Index Transformation Andrew Tullio Before

This is Good

Adonis Index Transformation Andrew Tullio After

This is GREAT

Most guys make the mistake of assuming they need to get bigger and heavier to be more impressive looking. But this only works when you have your shirt on. If you saw most ‘big guys’ with their shirt off you’d find out they have at least 20-30 pounds of fat to lose.

The reality is they’re only big because they’re carrying extra fat that is making the shirt stretch a bit more around their arms and shoulders.


But to truly be in great shape you need to shed the fat so your muscle can show through. This is what we call ‘shirt off big’…when your shirt comes off and you’ve got a full set of 6-pack abs and sharp defined muscles, division from your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps, and all throughout your back muscles.

To achieve this kind of look you will likely need to be much lighter than you ever expected.

Most of us have a distorted conception of how much we ‘should’ or will weigh when we’re ripped.

And this is the illusion of looking bigger as we get lighter.

The leaner you get the bigger your muscles start to look, and this is the whole point of the Adonis Index ratio and ‘shirt off big’.

In todays podcast Andrew Tullio walks us through his experience getting 6-pack ripped, and ‘shirt off big’. He reveals his total surprise at the bodyweight he had to be to get to this weight and what it was like going through his transformation.



Read the transcript here: The Last 10 Pounds: Interview Andrew Tullio


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