Train Hard, Finish Strong! Interview w/ AT-14 Winner Michael De Oliveira [Mike]

Here’s your latest essay interview with 2nd place winner  Michael De Oliveira from the 14th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Mike De Oliveira 2nd Place - Front Before/After Photos

Mike De Oliveira 2nd Place AT 14 – Front Before/After Photos


Michael’s Transformation Interview:


1- What workout or nutrition routine did you do before Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) System? What kind of results did you get?

I followed my own training programs that I had designed myself (I am a qualified personal trainer). I got fairly good results with these, but it was nice to follow another workout routine that I hadn’t designed in order to do something different, as well as get good results with that too, of course.

 2- How did you find out about AGR?

I first found out about AGR through Brad Pilon. I subscribe to his emails and was a follower of Eat Stop Eat so received an email with a link about AGR one day. I read through the site and thought it sounded good so bought the product to check it out and I’m glad that I did!

3- What was most appealing to you about AGR?

I liked the fact that there was a specific goal to aim towards. With most bodybuilding programs, even though proportions do matter to a certain extent, the goal is to just try and get as big you can with no real set numbers to aim for. It’s obvious that certain body shapes are more aesthetically pleasing than others, so it just made sense that there was an ultimate finite goal to try and achieve rather than just aiming to get as big as possible.

4- Were there any concepts or approaches you were skeptical about?

Not really, no. As I say, it made perfect sense whilst reading about it, and everything was thoroughly explained and backed up by evidence so there was nothing I felt particularly skeptical of.

Mike De Oliveira 2nd Place AT 14 - Back Before/After Photos

Mike De Oliveira 2nd Place AT 14 – Back Before/After Photos

5- When did you decide to jump on board full fledge with AGR?

Probably a few years ago (I can’t remember the exact date but I’ve been following for quite some time now). I still do go back to my own programs every now and then, but I’ve agreed with the AGR principles ever since first hearing about them so I will always pay close attention to any updates and things going on within the community.

6- When did you first decide to enter an Adonis Transformation (AT) contest?

I believe it was AT2 if I remember rightly? I must admit that I have actually entered quite a few contests, but this is only the second one I have managed to properly see through to the end. For some of the contests I had genuine reasons for not being able to finish, but most of the time I just couldn’t seem to find the willpower to stick with the diet. I somehow managed to find it for this contest however, and so it goes to show that perseverance does pay off in the end!

7- What was your experience going through the AT contest? Challenges that came up? Things you didn’t expect?

During the first few weeks of the contest I followed the workout but didn’t start dieting too hard (if at all, really). I actually went on a clubbing holiday to Ibiza for a week at the beginning of June, but once I came back I properly got into my nutrition and resumed training hard for the remainder of the contest. It was all fairly manageable until the last two or three weeks when being in a caloric deficit, training hard, starting a new job and my diminishing social life started to take it’s toll. Thankfully I was able to stick it through to the end this time though before succumbing to four bits of birthday cake at a friend’s birthday BBQ!

Mike De Oliveira 2nd Place AT 14 - Side Before/After Photos

Mike De Oliveira 2nd Place AT 14 – Side Before/After Photos

8- How did people react to your transformation? Positives and negatives (if any).

Surprisingly enough, I have found that I’ve actually received a lot more negative comments/remarks/etc. from my transformation than I was expecting to get. Nothing too horrendous; just not always the positive comments I would have thought I would have received (especially from family and friends). Thankfully a big amount of the feedback has been good though, with most people not even commenting at all as I don’t really look any different until I take my shirt off.

9- How do you react to the “Brand New” you? Have you noticed changes in your outlook and attitude in general.

To be honest I don’t really see this as the “brand new” me. I see it more of a stepping stone to where I want to be, and that I still have a bit of a way to go before I get there yet. With that being said, I’m definitely feeling more positive in general and happy that I’m no longer carrying as much fat around as I once was. I haven’t decided whether to enter the next contest or not yet as I’m enjoying the break from dieting and will probably just try and maintain as much of these results as I can for now. I do know, however, that I definitely want to have another go at a contest in the future, and am determined to eventually reach my golden A.I.!

Editor’s Note:

Hey Michael,

Glad to learn that you’ve been with us for a while.  I commend you for never losing site of your goal despite not finishing previous transformation contests.  It seems like the right alignment kicked in for you during this contest to allow you to continue training hard and sticking to your nutrition despite attending an overseas trip and cake & BBQ back home.  Too bad to hear some reacted negatively to your transformation.  People often put-down or dismiss things they do not understand.  Nevertheless, you have an awesome transformation to show for it and we look forward to seeing your “Golden” physique in an upcoming contest.

your brother in Iron,

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