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The 3rd Adonis Transformation contest ends this week and it’s time to get your entries in.

To officially enter you need to email me (john at  all of the following materials before midnight wed Nov 24th.

Before pictures; front, back, side (with newspaper visible in one pic, can be a separate pic from this same round)

Before measurements; Shoulder, waist, and weight, starting Adonis Index Ratio (waist : shoulder)

After pictures; front, back, side (same deal with the newspaper), and some other poses would be nice to see, now that you got it might as well show it off.

After measurements; waist, shoulders, weight, final Adonis Index Ratio (waist : shoulder)

250 word essay; explain your experience going through the transformation, how you’ve changed, how people are reacting to you, and how your life has changed in general.

read last weeks post and listen to last weeks audio for detailed instructions on taking your after pictures (if you haven’t already done so)

During this weeks audio we talk about eating over the holidays, how to get through it without gaining weight, and then we get into the specifics of the health club industry and what the industry does to sell memberships and how to choose a health club.

READ: You can download the transcript here:

Transformation Contest 3 Thanksgiving Eating and  Health Clubs


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