Tristan Creswick 3rd Overall

Tristan came in 3rd overall and 2nd in the Burn & Build.


Weight: 198.2 lbs
Shoulders: 45.2 inches
Waist: 37 inches
Adonis Index Ratio: 1.22


After 10 weeks:

Weight:  182.1 lbs
Shoulders: 46.5 inches
Waist: 33 inches
Adonis Index Ratio: 1.409

Tristan is less than 1 inch away from the golden waist for his height and managed to put over an inch on his shoulder measurement.

For Tristan’s height:

Golden Waist: 32.2 inches

Golden Shoulders: 51.5 inches

Tristan’s waist is already very close to golden and shouldn’t be a concern at this point. I suggest Tristan focuses now on adding upper body mass over the next 6-12 months.


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