Water Weight, Fat, Muscle, What is Signal vs Noise?

Claims in the health and fitness industry (and any industry for that matter) can be clinically or technically significant, but have no significance in the real world.

In other words, something might have a significant effect in a laboratory setting, but will never be applicable to you in your daily life.

This makes it difficult to tell what is a realistic and useful claim that you can incorporate into your daily routine for real results, and what is just marketing speak to get you to buy into something that you can never actually take action on or use.

In this podcast we’ll examine all of the following issues:

1 – The difference between real world significance and clinical significance

2 – Separating the signal from the noise: are the results that you are hearing about normal changes in human physiology that are simply being brought to your attention for the first time.

3 – The 80-20 principle and how 20 % of your effort will end up being responsible for 80 % of your results.

4 – Water weight: how water weight/retention is the big confounding factor in the way your body looks and how fitness and nutrition marketers take advantage of this to make claims that their products can do things that are not possible.

5 – Getting to the core principle of what works for weight loss.


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