What is Muscle Growth?

Most guys who workout with weights will tell you that they’re trying to ‘build’ muscle. On the surface this seems like a perfectly legitimate and normal claim, but the closer you look at the mechanism of muscle growth you’ll see that we don’t really ‘build’ muscle but rather we ‘grow’ or ‘inflate’ muscles.

Muscles are always in a transient state. The size of a muscle is always dependent on the external stresses that are forced on it, and specifically exercise.

After that there are some nutritional factors, genetic and drugs that can change the size of a muscle.

In each case the size of the muscle is a transient state that can be predicted based on the genetic, nutritional, drug, and mechanical influences.

In today’s audio lesson we’ll discuss what is really going on when we say we’re trying to ‘build’ muscle. Hopefully we’ll end up with a bit of a clearer image of what working out really does to our muscles.


(Download Transcription: “Muscle Growth“)

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