When it Comes to Changing Your Body – Talk is Cheap

I get irritated when I hear people saying one thing and doing another (as I’m sure this might irritate you as well).

This happens all the time and especially when it comes to changing the look and shape of your body.

When it comes to building muscle and losing fat, talk it cheap. Action is where it’s at.

If you say “I want to lose weight” but you never actually lose any weight…well then what you’re really saying is “I’d like to lose weight but I don’t want to do all the things it takes to actually lose the weight, so I’ll just talk about it instead”

The people who actually lose weight just do it, and don’t talk much about it.

Same with building muscle. If you say “I want to build muscle” but you never go to the gym and put in the tough workouts and push through every painful rep then what you’re really saying is “I’d like bigger muscles but I don’t want to stick to a workout program and put the effort in the gym that is required to get there”.

I’ve learned to tune out the people who are all talk and only focus on helping the people who really want to take action.

For most things in life talk is cheap, and action is where it’s at.

TALKING about something will never make it happen, DOING something about it will.

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