Winning against the Odds: Interview with Jason Gottlieb

If you want to make a change in your body then you have to start TODAY! There is no such thing as starting ‘tomorrow’ because there is always another tomorrow.

It has to be today.

Adonis Index Transformation Jason Gottlieb BeforeAdonis Index Transformation Jason Gottlieb After

If you get caught up explaining why you can’t do it, or can’t start now, you’ll never start. You’ll always find a reason to be ‘too busy’ or ‘too tired’ or ‘too caught up in other things’. None of these are legitimate excuses…instead they’re just excuses.

If you don’t believe me then you have to listen to todays podcast with Jason Gottlieb. He finished second in our latest transformation contest and just about every part of his life that could be stacked against him was.

Adonis Index Transformation interview Jason Gottlieb

From working 80 hour work weeks, to avoiding chocolate and trail mix snacks all day long, to having to workout at 6am every morning…Jason did what most people won’t do, and the results speak for themselves.

Jason explains how he managed to make a dramatic transformation while constantly being tempted with food every day, and working ungodly hours but still making it to the gym. If anyone ever had an excuse why it wouldn’t be possible to make a change, Jason is the guy…but he didn’t let the constraints of his life hold him back.

If he can do it, so can you.



Download the transcript here:

Winning against the Odds: Interview with Jason Gottlieb


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