Working Out vs Training: Interview With Wes Granger

Staying consistent and having support are the two biggest keys to making big time changes in weight loss and muscle building.

adonis index transformation wes granger

The consistency of your workout and your ability to stay injury free are the two biggest factors on the training side of the equation that will add up to long term success.

Consistency and social support on the diet side of the equation are the two biggest factors to dropping weight and getting lean.

You can find many online communities that seem to be on target with your goals, but as you get further into them the support you hoped for might not be there. Finding the right community (online or off) could be the difference between getting to your goals and falling off the wagon for good.

Sometimes it just takes a few words of encouragement and a friendly kick in the butt from a supportive group to keep you on track towards your goals.

In todays podcast we interview Wes Granger who has dropped a lot of weight, and got into great shape. Wes talks about how he finally got his body to change and how he did it.



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