You Get What You Deserve

You’ll never know what a body like this can do for you until you’ve got it. This is one of my training clients Joe, he’s got a perfect Adonis Index Ratio in this picture!

Working out takes time, effort, dedication, repetition, practice and a fair amount of pain and discomfort.

Dieting takes dedication, discipline, mental effort, emotional effort, and requires a degree of self monitoring and self reflection that likely surpasses almost any other thing you’ll attempt to do in your life.

So why do it? Why bother? Is the shape you’re hoping to get into really worth all the work? Is it just a look and shape? Or is there more to it?

The simple answer is yes, yes the body and condition is worth it, and so is the change you will go through in self perception, and how you interact with everyone around you and how they choose to interact with you.

If you’ve ever worked your way to a great shape you already know how things change. You already know how they way you feel changes and how the way everyone around you changes.

If you’ve lost that condition due to life getting in the way you know what it’s like to miss it and what it back. This memory of how good it once was is all the incentive you need if this is you.

But if you’ve never been in the shape you want YET you’re somewhat going on a leap of faith. You’re hoping that as you change all the benefits that I’ve just mentioned will actually come true.

I can tell you that it IS worth it, and it WILL happen if you put the work in, and all the things you hope will happen will in fact happen.

It’s a bit of a cliche but it’s true for working out and getting in shape…and that is you get out of it what you put into it. If it were easy and everyone deserved the benefit that comes with building a great body then nobody would value it and it would cease to be something worth striving for.

In reality only a few people will get there and all the benefits will fall onto them because they’ve done the work to deserve it.

So do you want to be one of those deserving few?!


About Allen Elliott

Allen is the Editor-In Chief of the Adonis Index Blog, bringing you weekly articles on contest prep, transformation testimonials' and much more!

Additionally he is a published Fitness Personality, Certified Personal Trainer, and National Competitor in the NPC Men's Physique Division.

Last but not least, as an Adonis/Venus Index Transformation Coach, he works to provide guided solutions for people who sincerely strive to meet their fitness goals.

Being a fitness model and competitor gives him a lot of valuable insights that nobody else talks about. Among other things, he will teach you how to prepare for a live show or a fitness photoshoot yourself.

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