Adonis Index Transformation Coaching Call

We’re starting week 3 of the third Adonis Index transformation contest.

By now you should be into a routine with your workouts and getting a good handle on your diet. If your goal is building muscle you should be focusing on your intensity in the gym. That means eating enough calories to keep your strength up for heavy workouts (but not so much that you gain fat).

If you’re goal is burning fat you should be cutting enough calories to create a deficit every day while keeping your intensity as high as possible for effective workouts.

Both goals require discipline and effort.

In todays podcast we’ll talk about what to expect at this point of the contest, we’ll review the different workouts in the Adonis 3.0 system and what has changed. We’ll also give a few tips to staying on track and having success.


About Allen Elliott

Allen is the Editor-In Chief of the Adonis Index Blog, bringing you weekly articles on contest prep, transformation testimonials' and much more!

Additionally he is a published Fitness Personality, Certified Personal Trainer, and National Competitor in the NPC Men's Physique Division.

Last but not least, as an Adonis/Venus Index Transformation Coach, he works to provide guided solutions for people who sincerely strive to meet their fitness goals.

Being a fitness model and competitor gives him a lot of valuable insights that nobody else talks about. Among other things, he will teach you how to prepare for a live show or a fitness photoshoot yourself.

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