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Today we have an interview with Gabriele Lazzari who placed 2nd in the Open Level 1 Category in the latest Adonis Index Contest. Check out his pictures:

What will be different today though, Gabriele doesn’t speak well in English so he has agreed to do a written interview.

Here it is:

What workouts or programs have you done in the past and how did you find Adonis Index?

I followed too many programs and advertised workouts. I was excited to try them all and I jumped many times from one training system to another within just a few weeks.

All the consistency I was able to insert in my schedule derived from random principles put in together. I wanted to experiment with all the things I found to be interesting. So, I followed all them as I encountered different ads on my fitness journey, but unconsciously i knew that the lack of perseverance was the main problem.

Another weakness I found I had was the desire to change the various workouts and programs.

Another problem was all the various subscriptions I had, my email box was flooded with them every day and that just left me confused.

After discovering the Adonis Index program I finally realized that i needed only one program and that I had to stick to it. The results I obtained from Adonis Index  Lifestyle speak for themselves.

What did you think about the Adonis Index system when you first heard about it?

Once I heard about this kind of training philosophy, I was hooked. Something in me resonated, deeply.  In the beginning I was fascinated by the concept of subconscious attraction.

Afterwards I fell in love with the whole lifestyle of the Adonis Index System.

What program did you use during the contest?

I used AI 3.0 Workouts with the Fibonacci Pyramids rage module. The workouts were very challenging, but let me say that especially the rage workout was insane!

When I was in doing them I was shocked at how much intensity I can handle. Both physically and mentally, it was very challenging to do them, but finally, when I returned to the AI 3.0 system (hypertrophy cycle) the normal routine suddenly became easier and I could progress faster. I bet it was due to the shock my muscles were introduced to during the rage phase.

I just didn’t allow them to adapt.

What do you do for dieting?

At first the conditioned habit of manipulating macronutrients was creeping up on me.

However, prior to that, I decided to trash this old approach and as preached in the Anything Goes Diet, I started  controlling my daily calorie budget only. I stick to the advised range of protein by Brad Pilon from his book How Much Protein, plus the caloric indications from the Reverse Taper Diet.

So, I basically just limited calorie intake and maintained good protein intake.

I think that simplicity is the best way because it’s sustainable in the long term, that’s what I discovered anyway.

What were the specific challenges you faced during the contest? 

The contest itself was a pretty big challenge.

The level of intensity in the various workouts’ phases was not easy to sustain, especially during Strength Endurance and Rage. The nutrition side is simple, but as I pointed out above the old patterns die hard.

The real challenge was of course mental. I faced many weaknesses that I thought were buried in the past. I suppose that is the main lesson you are waiting to hear: when you are in the fray you have to play. This body transformation involves an entire evolution of your being. In this transformation you will encounter your “different sides” at some point.

How did you prepare for the photos and what did you think when you saw them?

I decided to hire a professional photographer. I did some research on the Internet and I practiced posing every week for at least one hour prior to the photoshoot session.

When I saw the photos I was a little bit disappointed. I set the bar very high and I wanted to achieve more than was possible, I guess fitness media would be to blame. However, the response from friends, acquaintances and fellows of AT7 was incredibly positive and that made me realize just how much of a change I really made.

The professional images from the shoot compared to what I viewed  in the mirror  allowed me to view a better version of my body. Lighting is the key. But at the end I am satisfied, especially when I compare my conditioning to previous photos.

What advice would you give to other guys who want to get into the kind of shape you did?

I strongly recommend to calm yourself and focus your attention on the program. Set the daily problems aside and stick to the Adonis Lifestyle. Focus your concentration like a laser and you will succeed. Secondly, I would  recommend comparing your results only to yourself and not others. Each man runs a different race.

I love the Adonis Lifestyle!

Here are a couple more pictures of Gabriele:

Here are Gabriele’s metrics:

Gabriele’s before and after measurements.

And here is Gabriele’s essay from the contest:

I want to be sincere and tell that, when I discovered this new way to approach body-building, I was a little bit skeptical. I tried so many hyped training programs that I lost the count.

In the beginning I considered Adonis Index Workout to be yet another overhyped product. But something in myself said to prove it, so I decided to dive into it.

I find that this training system is highly counterintuitive and, in the same time, full of wisdom.

I enjoyed myself  following the contest plan and the…Continue reading here


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