Are You Satisfied with Your Body Shape?

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 8th Adonis Index Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Lester Sing who placed 4th in the 12-Week Transformation.

Check out his transformation pictures:

Awesome progress in just 12 weeks, what do you think?

Lester was always lean, at least till he got out of high school. That’s when he started gaining weight – and it wasn’t muscle.

This is pretty common, most people get out of school, stop doing sports, and begin living a sedentary lifestyle.

Lester gained quite a lot of weight and at his height 5’4” he got up to 180 pounds.

This is something that happens when you stop paying attention, start eating more, start attending more social eating events and stop exercising.

Lester realized that he had to do something about this so he invested in a couple workout programs and tried several different approaches.

He dropped to 139 pounds (achieved his goal) and decided to stay active.

However, he still wasn’t happy.

Even though he improved his body, he wasn’t comfortable taking his shirt off, yet.

As he said, he didn’t think he could see his abs again.

…Then he noticed an online ad for Adonis Index.

He jumped on board, got the workout plan, got into the community and started training.

He wanted to test out whether the program can produce any results for him.

And he was very surprised when he saw his final pictures.

Results Come with Patience

Lester played around with fasting and Pilon’s 24 hour fasting protocol called Eat Stop Eat.

What worked for him the most was fasting for 15 hours and then having the first big meal of the day.

It took him a lot to get from eating every 3 hours to eating just once a day.

And if you are experiencing something similar, then understand that changing your eating habits may take up to two weeks.

Your body needs to get used to eating less often. You will experience a hunger pang followed by a strong urge to eat.

It will take some time and effort to get used to it, but after about two weeks you will be comfortable with having an empty stomach and it’s at  that time when you will begin seeing the results.

The first week you will think that what you are doing is wrong, it will feel uncomfortable, because it’s simply something new.

…And your body subconsciously fights when you are trying new things.

But after you get over this initial first bump, you will feel great, you will feel alive, more in control.

It’s necessary to go through this, because it’s probably the best way to learn how to manage your food intake, you will just learn so much about yourself and about food and your eating habits that it’s impossible to describe it (even though Pilon did a pretty good job in his latest ESE book).

Tips from Lester:

  • Dedication and consistency are necessary for you to succeed
  • It’s a slow process so how much you want it will determine the results you will get
  • Take lots of photos and then put them side by side
  • Fat won’t come out all at once
  • You will eventually get there it just takes time and patience
  • You have the time to work out, and even if you miss a tv shows, so what?
  • If you are used to eating at certain times (same goes for food choices) it will take a couple weeks for you to change it
  • Don’t eat 6 times a day, it’s easier to track the calories when you have just two big meals
  • Keep track of everything – weight log, strength log, measurements, photos
  • Don’t be afraid to be light, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and quite frankly nobody gives a sh*t
  • If the weight is messing with your head then don’t even bother, the mirror/photos is what matters

Links from the interview:

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  • Adonis Index Community – The friendliest and most helpful fitness community in the world
  • Eat Stop EatDiet Lifestyle protocol designed to help you to lose fat and regain freedom in your food choices

Read Lester’s experience with Adonis Index in his own words:

Right after AT7, I had a binging frenzy and gained about 7lbs from 129 to 136.

Granted i’m short, but that 7 lbs made me look like I gained about 15lbs. The biggest mistake I think I did was restrict myself too much cutting calories down to 1200 a day throughout the contest, causing me to binge a lot of times in the weekend.

This time around my plan was to Continue reading here

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