Adonis Spotlight: M&F Feature + Tales from a True Insider

Today’s special post is the latest installment of the Golden Eye for the Adonis Series.   Because it’s Friday and The Goal Is Frequency (TGIF) we decided to superset today with an Adonis Spotlight “Double-Header!”

First and foremost, wanted to drop a “shout-out” to all my brothers’ in IRON for your continued support and encouragement in the pursuit of my Fitness Model Endeavors.  It was just three short years ago that I began to follow the principles of the Adonis Golden Ratio Systems.  Those simple principles of both art and science  have remained the core of my personal training foundation and continue to fuel my passion for health & wellness.

I still remember my first conversation with John Barban & Brad Howard after making the “Watch List” in AT3.  After the interview, Brad H. asked me, “So where do you want to go from here?”  I nervously replied, “I don’t really know, I just really like this program [AGR] and want to run with it as far as it will let me.”  To that response, John simply said, “Well it’s time to buckle down, and throw your hat in the ring; then we’ll see how good you are.”

I’m pleased to announce that thanks to the lessons learned in mentorship from the AGR Founders as well as my contacts within  Fitness Models International (FMI)  and International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) I was selected as a featured trainer in the November 2013 issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.


Muscle & Fitness Magazine Feature

Adonis Lifestyle Ambassador: Allen Elliott | Featured in November 2013 Muscle & FItness

Adonis Lifestyle Ambassador: Allen Elliott | Featured in November 2013 Muscle & FItness Magazine

Next time your in the bookstore  or the check-out line, feel free to pick up this copy and read about my experience as a trainer and how the ISSA helped me, “Do it  at my own pace.”


Tales from a True Insider

Continuing onto the next topic of our Adonis spotlight double-Header,  I’m pleased to announce a special guest post from Romeo Giovanni.  Better know by his True Insider Handle, “VTaper.”

VTaper: True Insider and One of our Top Bloggers in the Community

VTaper: True Insider and One of our Top Bloggers in the Community

The Adonis Community truly is an awesome resource to help answer the questions of those just becoming familiar with the AGR Program.  Veterans of the community are more than happy to lend sound advice and support one another in their journey to “Golden.”

While browsing the community earlier this week, I happened to stumble across the Blog of VTaper and was simply blown away by his content.

Here is a sample blog entry from VTaper that has transformed into a guest post!


The Scale, Lies!!!

In each transformation story, each individual has a progression that takes place and this progression must exist no matter what. The question is, “How does one measure progress? “, and the best way to track this progression is all in the numbers, correct?

Well this is true, but isn’t truly necessary.

Numbers, like statistics, can be skewed and bent, manipulated and, most importantly, misleading. Let’s look at the weight scale as a real life example. This common household weight scale is undeniably the most commonly used device in today’s society to track ones weight from home. This form of tracking is only a single form or aspect of the total progression, known as weight. The problem with only going by this measurement, a scale, in reality does not inform an individual of the entire story; there are simply too many variables and factors, which lead to false impressions. Variables such as water and food amounts.

An even larger reason a weight scale numerical value is unreliable is simple, it does not factor an individuals true body fat. An individual partaking in a fat loss routine, such as AGR, may become displeased, depressed, or just disappointed to reveal he/she only dropped 6 pounds within the month on the bases of just reading the fluctuations of the weight scale, but the question is, “what if , while losing their fat, the individual actually began to gain muscle mass?”

So if the scale lies or is inaccurate, why does one just measure body fat? The answer is simple, unless an individual is getting their body fat tested by a very expensive manner, using a DEXA Scanner, Bod Pod, or by hydro-static weighing, any other way of measurement are simply inaccurate means. An example of this is handheld devices like the Tanita or the Omron scale, who proclaim they measure an individuals body fat, but unfortunately these are inaccurate numbers as an individuals hydration lavel can cause these numbers to fluctuate.

Alternatives to tracking Progress

The following are considered the top alternative methods for an individual to monitor their progress without the use of any tools:

1. Changes in a person’s fitting of Clothing

When your clothes don’t fit anymore, you know you’re heading in the right direction!

Does it really matter what the scale says, if you find yourself buying new (smaller) clothes because the ones you own don’t fit? When the numerical value on the scales never budge for a few weeks, but your clothing start to look like they are XXXL on you, there is no doubt that ones progression is taking place. It means that you simply are gaining muscle as you are losing fat all simultaneously.

VTaper's Arm Progress pics over 6 Week Period of Transformation

VTaper’s Arm Progress pics over 6 Week Period of Transformation

The greatest and most motivating form of measurement is the photograph! The old saying,”A picture is a 100 words” is never wrong in measuring a individuals progression in weight loss. Taking progression photographs will allow a person, and others, to have a clear visual record of these weight and body changes physically. This has psychological, and in my opinion somewhat, magical, effect as one can literally see the changes in his/her physique, when comparing the images over time. Progression photographs are simple to take and do not require much. Many use a mirror and a cell phone or have their significant other take the pic against a plain wall. The key is to take two photos every 2 weeks, first thing in the morning before consuming any food or water, and just after a workout.


Progression is never just about ones aesthetics or physique. A individual should also be measuring his/hers performance in the workouts. When I began my own fitness adventure, with AGR, I was literally, the fat guy who wanted to put on some muscle and lose fat and this was after my trip to Germany and seeing the photographs of myself. I was disgusted. The only way to keep a record and monitor ones progression in strength is by maintaining a workout log. Those with the new smart phones have the ability to use tools like BodySpace, Fitocracy, Cody, FitnessFast. Then some, like myself, just use traditional pen and paper. I then transfer my information to an excel spreadsheet on the computer. Logging your workouts are simply the only means of measuring ones strength over time.

Measure through Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are the tangible items that one can feel and see everyday, and for a lot of people, this is the ultimate joy and sense of accomplishment. An individual understands they are progressing when…

  • The kids feel light as a feather when you carry them
  • A Person feels better about themself. More motivated and happy.
  • The level of energy is significantly higher
  • Sleep becomes deeper and more relaxing
  • While doing the “honey do” list, the back and legs do not hurt anymore.
  • Using stairs are easier and you are less winded when walking up and down them

There is absolutely no doubt that a persons progression is getting better from their fitness program.

So now what?

Clearly, the Adonis Golden Ratio program, and just getting in shape, is not all about numbers. It may be nice to see the weight go down, but ones satisfaction with that measurement is short lived. Simply strive for a real long term goal that takes very little effort. Let the new clothing, progression photographs, workout logs, and changes in ones lifestyle truly gauge your results, instead of a false and misleading weight scale. It is these that will motivate and make ones self esteem much higher and rewarding in the end.

Hope this helps some of you newer members.

yours in fitness,

Romeo Giovanni aka”VTaper”



Needless to say, VTaper has outdone himself with the amount of knowledge he displays in the above post.  It is obvious that since he has made the mental transformation the physical is soon to follow.

Stay tuned for VTaper’s Final Transformation as he’s currently a contestant in AT12!

Well that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the Adonis Spotlight: Double-Header.

Have a great weekend!


you brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Lifestyle Ambasador

P.S. If you want hear more from VTaper you can reach out to him in community here. 

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