Uncensored on Uncensored

Here’s the first episode of the UNCENSORED Podcasts Season 3.

Today’s topic:  Uncensored on Uncensored.

Uncensored Taboo Topics

Taboo Topics: Uncensored on Uncensored


Brad and John will talk a little bit about the history of diet and fitness information.

What resources you should look at?

Magazines have always been mainly supplement catalogs paid for by advertising.  The content must bend somewhat to the advertisers.

Newspapers, news websites, and shows are all censored or narrowly focused.  Their job is to get the most viewers, or subscriptions, or hits.

Nothing online is really free. You are subjected to other forms of advertising.  You are the product, your information, or your search patterns.  YouTube sells viewing which must be shocking, compelling, or education mixed with entertainment. Even iTunes has requirements and restrictions.

The reason why we do these uncensored is because we want complete freedom of speech.  We don’t want the truth edited or watered down to bend to advertising.

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