AT6 Final Pictures Coaching Call

The 6th Adonis Index transformation and open contests are in the final stretch and it’s time to get prepped for your final pictures.

All of the poses from the posing tutorial are mandatory if you think you have a chance at being placed in the open category.

You can review the posing tutorial video here:


We’ve outlined some ideas to consider for your final pictures in a previous podcast that you can review and listen to here:


I strongly encourage you to listen to some interviews of past winners to get an idea of how to take an effective after picture.

What needs to be submitted:

1. All mandatory poses including front, back and side shots with the front page of the current days newspaper visible in at least one shot. You will also need to do all the poses from posing tutorial video if you think you have a chance of placing in the open category of the contest.

2. Label each picture with your first and last name as well as the pose ex: “John_Doe_Front_Pose”

3. Write a 250 word essay describing your experience with our system and through the contest

4. Complete the contest data chart that you downloaded at the start of the contest, this includes your waist, height and shoulder measurements from before the contest and your final measurements, along with your ideal AI measurements for your height and how close you got to them.

5. Re-size your after pictures so they are approximately 500 pixels in height for the ones you submit (make sure you keep the original picture in it’s original larger size for your records, also if you end up winning our cover model competition we will need the bigger picture file as well)

6. Compress all of these materials in a zipped file and send it to my email johnbarban (at) gmail (dot) com no later than midnight EST Nov 23rd.



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