Getting Closer to Your Ideal Body

Today we have an interview with Gavin Rennison.

Gavin has been following Adonis Index for about 12 months now and today he has decided to share with us his astonishing progress.

He is definitely among the more experienced and muscular guys in our community.

Check out his picture:

The ideal body shape – Lean muscle mass, no excess body fat.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Gavin got into weight lifting at the age of 25, so right after juvenile muscle growth. You would say that he could not build lots of muscle after the age of 25, but then he has pictures that show otherwise. This is a proof that you can still gain lots of muscle mass even if you are not starting with your training in your teens or early 20s.

However, Gavin as most of the guys who go to the gym wasn’t very consistent with his workouts, it was on and off training throughout the years. He also lacked any knowledge in how to structure his workouts, so he just did basic splits like everyone else. Since he tried increasing weights on regular basis he got some results.

However, then he felt into the whole bulking, 6 meals a day approach, gained lots of weight as a result and got up to 200 pounds.

After finding out about Adonis Index he was shocked at the contrast between bodybuilding diet and Anything Goes Diet we preach here at AI. The bodybuilding diet is very strict, but doesn’t provide linear results compared to freewill eating with the AGD principles were the results are linear.

And that’s the issue with the traditional bodybuilding and fitness approach – too much hassle for little results. It doesn’t have to be that way, getting in shape and achieving an ideal body shape isn’t as difficult as people think.

You can make it simply, and quite frankly you should, because the chances of you getting achieving your ideal body with perfect measurements are ten times higher if you keep things simple. Once you overcomplicate your approach, start to read dozens of diet books, you will second guess yourself, you will try various approaches like 6 meals a day, bulking or whatever is hot right now and for no results.

Gavin decided to keep it simple and stick to his approach and he got amazing results.

Here are a couple more of his pictures:

Gav’s awesome photos from his photoshoot.

More Tips from Gav:

  • Know your boundaries
  • Be consistent
  • Don’t make it your lifestyle
  • If you have some fat to lose, lose it first, because once you do you will never have to do it again, you will get lean for life and as a bonus you’ll finally see how much muscle mass you have
  • Don’t try to get big at every cost
  • Don’t obsess over supplements
  • Do a photoshoot after your transformation (you can use it as a deadline)
  • Don’t ever try the traditional bulking, it doesn’t work and it’s stupid
  • Get a workout program that keeps changing, because that will keep you interested longer
  • Bounce back when you push it too far

Gav’s measurements:

  • Waist: 31″
  • Shoulders: 48.25″
  • AI score: 1.56

Links from the interview:

Read Gav’s experience with Adonis Index in his own words:

Well, where do I start in thanking all at Adonis for what they’ve achieved in creating such a simplistic approach to all things diet and fitness?! The Adonis Index has been a truly and literally life changing find for me. It has…Continue Reading Here

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