The “No Bulk, Eat Less” Way

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 8th Adonis Index Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Justin Dyke who placed 6th in our last 12-Week Transformation contest.

Check out his transformation pictures:

Justin’s 12 week progress with Adonis Index.

Justin was accustomed to building  his own workout routines; he simply applied the information he read from magazines and online articles.

It wasn’t until he began college that the concepts of diet and exercise truly peaked his interest.

He realized there might be more to to health and fitness than just weight lifting.  Justin even considered the possible advantages of controlling his  food intake.

Rather than focusing on calories, he decided to follow the “healthy eating”  approach.  However, when he began to monitor his calorie intake, he finally saw a difference in the mirror.

What’s interesting is that even though he got some results, he continued to  look for new ways to improve his diet.  He became more and more obsessed with diet and controlling what he consumed.

His obsession reached new levels when he added the  bulking regimen in addition to his healthy diet.

He ate lots of food to gain weight. He was successful in this approach; the only issue was that it was gain of fat and not muscle.

Instead of  moving forward he was actually heading in the opposite direction (the worst feeling ever).

He felt powerful in the gym, but still didn’t have the look he wanted.

Justin was neither fat nor skinny, he maintained normal weight and BF%, but this bulking method ballooned his weight up to over 200 pounds.

The tide began to turn in his favor when a friend of his introduced him to the Adonis Index. Oddly enough, that was a couple years ago and Justin just didn’t believe the program would work for him, so he simply put it off.

It wasn’t until after listening to dozens of AI interviews and podcasts  that he finally decided to give it a shot. He asked himself “What do I have to lose by trying the workouts for 3 months and entering the contest?” when he realized that he could only gain from the experience, he decided to committ to the contest.

He stayed focused by keeping his goals in mind  and used the contest deadline as motivation to get the job done.

How to Slowly Condition Yourself to Eat Less

In a short amount of time Justin went from eating six times a day like a pro bodybuilder to eating just once a day by following Eat Stop Eat‘s intermittent fasting protocol.

So how exactly did Justin do this?

Well, he didn’t do it overnight, he took the slow approach.

During the first couple of weeks he transitioned from eating 6 times a day to eating just 3 times a day.

After he was comfortable with this pattern, he slowly began to skip the other two meals and tried fasting for 24 hours.

As soon as he realized that he is not going to die of starvation, he decided to incorporate fasting into his regular lifestyle.

It’s really just about mentally letting go and then physically conditioning your body to follow these new patterns.

For Justin, it was a tough mental game though. At first he had to let go of the emotional attachment he had to the bodybuilding diet and then start skipping the meals.

Summary of Justin’s Best Tips:

  • Keep it simple at all times
  • Focus on workout consistency
  • Have faith in the process and it will work out for you
  • Ignore other outside forces – You will be tempted to change things, so don’t, stick to this one thing and give it an honest try

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Read Justin’s experience with Adonis Index in his own words:

I have been working out since high school and never really started taking it serious until my junior year of college when I started concentrating hard on the nutrition side. At this point I didn’t have a ton of nutrition information and I was able to lose a decent amount of fat and get in pretty good shape. From that point I thought I had to change everything in order to gain muscle. I ended up gaining close to 25 pounds …Continue reading here 

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