How to Save Time with Proper Dieting

Today we have an interview with Todd Burgette who placed 4th in the latest Adonis Index Transformation Contest.

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Stop making excuses an get on the path to building a better body today.

Todd is 6 foot tall and was 240 pounds. He lost 60 pounds over the course of 14 weeks. That’s a pretty big accomplishment.

Before training with Adonis Index he was going to the gym regularly, he just lacked any structured workout program. However, the bigger issue was his diet. Or more specifically his binge eating.

As a consultant he had an expense account and was supposed to go out with clients and make them comfortable – recipe for disaster. And of course things got out of control pretty quickly. He was overeating and binging and this combination is what got him to 240 pounds, sounds familiar?

He never had an easy time losing weight, and always envied those people could keep the weight off.

Eat Anything You Want…Wait…What?!?

Todd has been an Adonis Index Member for a while, but when he tried the Anything Goes Diet protocol he started seeing diet and nutrition in a totally different way.

This is what he learned from it:

  • How to manage his weekly calories budget and stopped thinking on a daily basis
  • He could use his personality to succeed rather than to keep struggling
  • Each week he felt like he was moving forward and was achieving his goals
  • It allowed him to take the pressure off of the diet and enjoy the process
  • It’s not about “winning” the day, but rather “winning” the week
  • With his weekly plan he aimed ahead and saved calories for the weekend (yes you can enjoy social eating events!)
  • He can have anything he wants, but it can’t exceed his calorie budget for the week

Calories are exactly like finances.

To acquire wealth you need to spend less than you earn and invest the difference. So in order to lose weight and get a six pack, you need to eat less than you burn, so your body will have to tap into its fat storage. You can look at it as an future investment for a better looking and healthier body.

Here is the harsh truth. If you get in debt, you have to pay it off some day including the interest rate.

…And the longer you wait the worse it gets.

So, when you are dieting you have to realize that the uncomfortable feeling is just a feeling of burning the Sunday pancakes you had for your breakfast 20 years ago.

Nothing gets lost in your body, it’s either used or stored. It just can’t disappear.

And if you don’t lose it, it will stay there wrapped around your body as fat…FOREVER.

What you are doing with dieting is basically paying that fun-eating-debt off. If you never allowed yourself to gain weight, then you don’t have to go through it, but if you did, there is no other option.

Well, at least if you want to look good.

Shield Yourself from the BS Information Out There

There is a lot of information nowadays. And a lot of crap too.

It’s more important than ever to find the truth, what works, quality advice and shield yourself from everything else. People that try to “consume” all of the information there is and not act up on that look the same month after month, year after year.

You need to differentiate what information is true and what impact it will have on your life.

What is the key factor in your diet and training?

Will antioxidants help you lose weight? Or rather will it be your ability to maintain a caloric deficit over a couple of months? What do you think?

And what about the training? Are you making sure you drink your protein exactly 5 minutes after your training (because some trainer said so) and that you always squat with your squatting shoes? OR are making sure you have the best training routine you can get and you are following it 100%?

Find the key factors that will give you the maximum benefit. Most people focus on the new flashy, fancy things that are trendy and sexy, but not so much on what really works.

Here is something to think about – if we were to shoot a movie about someone getting in shape, building muscles and losing weight, it would be the worst, most boring and painfully frustrating movie ever made.

…Oh and it would be freakishly long too!

There is no sexy answer to fat loss or quick magic pill for muscle building.

The stuff that works is simple – follow a good workout plan, train more and eat a balanced diet with less calories.

Plain and simple.

Take home message from Todd:

1. Diet Tips

  • Be proactive, think in advance, plan, save calories, so you can enjoy social eating events over the weekends
  • If you are struggling with a eating disorder, take it slowly, small steps moving forward every day/week/month
  • Figure out when it’s easier for you to fast
  • Don’t eat too often, taking breaks will give you more control
  • Try avoiding snacking
  • Eating breakfast will most likely make you overeat, try to put the first meal off as late as you can
  • If you are a boredom eater, you need to plan to be social
  • If you eat less, you will save time

2. Training Tips

  • Have a well-structured workout plan
  • Have a workout plan written months ahead
  • Keep a workout log/diary that will help you track your progress

3. Mindset Shifts

  • You’ve got to identify the key drivers of your success and work on them
  • It’s all in your head, your body can do it, but you have to believe it’s possible
  • Clear your mind before your workout
  • Work on your key habits and issues every day
  • Find someone who has done what you want, seeing it will give you the confidence to do it
  • Reward yourself with vacation and clothes
  • Be covert, you don’t have to tell anyone what you are doing

Links form Todd’s interview:

  • Anything Goes Diet – No BS Diet Book that lets you in on how fat loss really happens (Hint: It’s different than what you hear from media)
  • Eat Stop Eat – Lifestyle approach to get lean and stay lean all year round, by Brad Pilon
  • Adonis Index Workout – The Main workout program, also responsible for one of the most amazing transformations online
  • Adonis Index Community – The friendliest and most supportive community in the fitness world. UPDATE: Free access when you buy any Adonis Index program here

Read Todd’s experience in his own words:

Participating in AT7 has literally changed my life. Overeating has been a life-long affliction for me, and in the beginning of AT7 I didn’t really believe I would ever be able to escape my bondage to food. I was, however, willing to keep working and trying to find a solution that would work for me. I have successfully overcome this barrier, my confidence in all areas of my life has increased, and I’ve learned the skills necessary to make this change permanent in my life.

Throughout AT7 I focused on…

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Listen to the interview here:

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