About the Adonis Physique You Should Aim for, with Kidafi Byer

Today we have an interview with Kidafi Byer who placed 2nd in the Open Level 2 Category in the latest Adonis Index Contest. Check out his pictures:

Find the pose that shows your body the most.

Kadafi is no newbie to weight training or to the Adonis Index Lifestyle. He has been with us for a while now.

And this wasn’t his first Adonis Index contest either. From last contest he successfully maintained his fitness and even managed to gain a bit of lean muscle mass without putting any fat mass on, if anything he got more ripped!

And that was exactly the point – get in shape with one or two contests and use the next one to find out how to maintain your body and get even more ripped.

Decide, Plan, Act

When Kidafi saw Allen Elliott‘s winning pictures in one of the contest he knew he would be a worthy opponent and that it will be hard to beat him.

He decided to take his time to strategize, prepare and then put in as much effort as he could into building the Adonis physique for the contest.

This time he wasn’t fasting very often, just a few times in the last four weeks prior the contest.

Rather than fasting he used the Reverse Taper Diet principles and tapered his calories up towards the end of the contest.

In his diet he didn’t change anything, he ate pretty much exactly what he did last time, just a bit more since he wasn’t really cutting much.

And that’s what you can expect to happen. If you’ve been eating too much in the past and gained a bit of fat, then you need to start eating less. However, once you lose the fat and you get lean you can slowly increase your calorie intake closer to your maintenance.

At this point dieting becomes super hard and cutting is a really big challenge. Basically your body will have very little fat stored and it will force you to eat more calories more often.

This is why fasting at 8% bodyfat it’s almost impossible.

Have someone else take the pictures, so you can focus on posing.

Can You Take the Pictures Yourself or Do You Have to Pay for a Photographer?

For the photoshoot itself Kidafi recommends having someone else take the pictures.

You can either have a friend/spouse take it or pay for a professional photoshoot. A lot of our contestants like to schedule the professional photoshoot, because it helps you with accountability and also gives you a clear deadline to shoot for.

And since you are going to put a lot of effort into all this, you might as well capture it professionally and have the pictures for life. However, a professional shoot is not necessary to win a contest. We’ve had quite a few people take amazing pictures at home or on the beach. Kidafi’s pictures are great and he did them by himself!

Just realize that taking pictures is an art and there is a whole niche of photographers who specialize in fitness, so don’t be surprised when your pictures aren’t magazine cover quality when you take them yourself.

But why would you even take the pictures?

Well, even if you are not comfortable taking pictures right now, that will change once you get in shape.

It’s worth getting a real photoshoot to really see what you got.

Kidafi’s Approach for Building the Adonis Physique

This time around Kidafi didn’t care about his weight. His goals were to get a bit leaner, gain more muscle if possible and generally have more of a “fuller” look while remaining injury free.

He is not the biggest guy in the gym, he is not the heaviest, but he is ripped and he loves the look.

Apart from the fact that weight is irrelevant and doesn’t tell the whole story, if you weigh yourself on a daily basis it’s guaranteed to mess with your head. There simply aren’t any big changes you’re going to see day to day besides water fluctuations.

In his workout Kidafi shifted from lifting heavy to concentrating more on the lifting technique.

He gave himself  permission to lift light and focused on the squeeze and tension of his muscle contractions instead of just lifting heavy weights up and down. The feeling after the workout was very satisfying, he gained more lean muscle mass and was injury-free the entire year.

Like most of us, Kidafi is a busy guy. He could just have just made excuses whenever he didn’t fell like working out or was short on time, but instead of making excuses he found a way to do the program. He split the workout in two. He did the first part of the workout focusing on optimizing the AI ratio in the morning and saved the second part for the afternoon and added a bit of volume there to keep the intensity.

And that was it, really.

For his diet, he just ate less than most people, made sure he followed the AI workouts and kept this going throughout the entire course of the contest.

There is no secret, no magic pill.

…Just hard work and dedication.

More tips from Kidafi:

  • The community is where it’s all happening, hang out there with same minded guys who will support your goals
  • You have to be mentally ready for the commitment
  • There is no magic, you need to put the effort in and go through the process and work your way up
  • Its easy to jump from program to program, but if you want to see the results you need to stick to it to the end
  • Consistency has always been the name of the game
  • It takes time, so don’t fall for overnight quick fixes
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else
  • It’s all a lifestyle
  • You have to want it for yourself, the motivation has to come from within you
  • The strength to endure the challenges and roadblocks has to originate inside you
  • It’s a commitment for life and no excuses are allowed
  • You have time to work out, find it
  • Everybody wishes to see changes after one workout, but that’s not the reality – accept it
  • You don’t have to live in the gym to look good, for most people 4-5 workout sessions a week is more than enough, just make sure they are worth it
  • You don’t have to do any traditional cardio, walking the dog is a calorie burning and healthy activity too
  • Don’t be the “fitness guy”, be the the guy who is in shape, but never talks about it
  • Hope to make small improvements every day
  • The goal is to look good, so make everything you do move in that direction
  • Listen to your body
  • Move forward, that’s the right direction

Links from the interview:

Read Kidafi’s experience with Adonis Index in his own words:

This is now my third time participating in an Adonis contest and I must say I feel like a veteran around the whole Adonis system and philosophy. The experience this time has been very different as there were less reaction to what I was doing or what I looked like from the outside. It was more of a mental experience and growing experience as a person. At first…Continue Reading Here

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